Gelatin Methacrylate

Gelatin Methacrylate is a water soluble protein derived from chemical modification of gelatin. The methacrylate groups of the gelatin methacrylate allows further polymerization. When a photoinitiator is dissolved in gelatin methacrylate water solution, it can initiate the polymerization of the gelatin methacrylate under UV light irradiation, turning the gelatin methacrylate solution into gel. It was proven by Enlighten Materials that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells can be encapsulated within the gelatin methacrylate gels and survive for more the one month with high viability. The gelatin methacrylate provided by Enlighten Materials is purified using a special process, therefore it is very suitable for cell encapsulation or bioprinting procedures.

Polycaprolactone acrylate (PCL) resin

Our polycaprolactone acrylate resin is a biodegradable materials for 3D printing. Its PCL backbone makes it susceptible to water, so it is degradable within human body. Therefore, it is suitable for making tissue engineering scaffold using 3D printing technology. Because of its degradability in soil, PCL acrylates is also an environment-friendly material for 3D printing