We provide one of the best dental 3D printing materials.

Enlighten materials provides world-class 3D printing materials. We believe that we can lower the barrier for dentists and other industries to enter the 3D printing world. With our materials, the digital dental manufacturing process can be  much smoothen. Thanks to the TFDA approval, patients can benefit from our biocompatible materials. Moreover, dentists and dental technicians do not need to suffer from VOCs from the conventional dental materials anymore. 

Almost everything you need

Dental 3D printing materials
  • Surgical guide material (Approved by TFDA)
  • Temporary material
  • Denture base material
  • Grey Dental model material
  • Brown dental model material
  • Custom tray material (Approved by TFDA)
Clinical dental materials
  • Surface staining kit for dental resins and 3D-printed models

  • BB dam gingiva protection resin

3D printers
  • MiiCraft 3D printer

  • Form 2 3D printer, Form Wash, Form Cure

Hearing aid and general 3D printing materials
  • Skin tone hearing aid material
  • Grey model material
  • Brown model material
Bioprinting materials
  • Gelatin Methacrylate,

  • PCL acrylates

Cytotoxicity test service
  • Cytotoxicity test service

Strong R&D team

We are experts in materials

We know the clinical needs