BB base

Enlighten BB base

3D printing resin for denture base

Enlighten BB Base is now FDA 510(k) cleared (K191591).

Enlighten BB BASE 3D printing resin for denture base, is a biocompatible resin with high strength, high surface hardness and low shrinkage. It can be used for DLP, SLA and LCD 3D printers, such as Ackuretta, MiiCraft, Form 2 and Phrozen 3D printers. It can also work for 385 and 405nm light source.

PropertyISO standardRequirementOur results
Flexural strengthISO20795-1≥65 MPa>85.2 MPa
Flexural modulusISO20795-1≥2000 MPa>2049 MPa
Water sorptionISO20795-1≤32 µg/mm3<26.5 µg/mm3 
Water solubilityISO20795-1≤1.6 µg/mm3<1 µg/mm3
Residual MMA monomerISO20795-1≤2.2 %(w/w) 0%
Surface HardnessISO187≥80 Shore D87.25
ViscosityN/AN/A~1180 cps 
Cytotoxicity testISO10993-5Non-cytotoxicComply
Irritation testISO10993-10Cause no irritationComply
Sensitization testISO10993-10Cause no sensitivityComply
Acute systemic toxicityISO10993-11Cause no acute systemic toxicityComply
Genotoxicity testISO10993-3Cause no genotoxicityComply

File Download

BB base brochure and spec v1.2 (English)

BB base MSDS v1.1 (English)

Enlighten Materials brochure v105 large file (English)