BB base

NEW BB base 3D printing resin for denture base

Enlighten BB BASE 3D printing resin for denture base, is a biocompatible resin with high strength, high surface hardness and low shrinkage. It can be used for DLP, SLA and LCD 3D printers, such as Ackuretta, MiiCraft, Form 2 and Phrozen 3D printers. It can also work for 385 and 405nm light source. Currently, we are working on its FDA submission for class II medical devices.

PropertyISO standardRequirementOur results
Flexural strengthISO20795-1≥65 MPa>85.2 MPa
Flexural modulusISO20795-1≥2000 MPa>2049 MPa
Water sorptionISO20795-1≤32 µg/mm3<26.5 µg/mm3 
Water solubilityISO20795-1≤1.6 µg/mm3<1 µg/mm3
Residual MMA monomerISO20795-1≤2.2 %(w/w) 0%
Surface HardnessISO187≥80 Shore D87.25
ViscosityN/AN/A~1180 cps 
Cytotoxicity testISO10993-5Non-cytotoxicComply
Irritation testISO10993-10Cause no irritationComply
Sensitization testISO10993-10Cause no sensitivityComply
Acute systemic toxicityISO10993-11Cause no acute systemic toxicityComply
Genotoxicity testISO10993-3Cause no genotoxicityComply

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BB base brochure and spec v1.2 (English)

BB base MSDS v1.1 (English)

Enlighten Materials brochure v105 large file (English)