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Water washable resins for dental models

Water washable 3D printing resin is a game-changer in the field of dental model fabrication. With this innovative resin, dentists and dental labs can print highly accurate dental models that are easy to clean and use. This resin is specifically designed for use with DLP, SLA, and LCD 3D printers, and it provides exceptional dimensional stability, making it ideal for producing highly detailed dental models with fine features.

One of the key benefits of water washable 3D printing resin is its ease of use. This resin is highly soluble in water, which makes cleaning and post-processing a breeze. Unlike traditional resins, which require the use of solvents and harsh chemicals for cleaning, water washable 3D printing resin can simply be rinsed with water to remove any uncured material. This not only simplifies the cleaning process but also reduces the environmental impact of the printing process.

Flexural strength65.7 MPa
Flexural modulus1542 MPa
Elongation at break15.26%
Surface Hardness75.3 Shore D

60-100 cP, at 25 ˚C
Acid value <3.0 mg KOH/g
Thermal dimensional stabilitydeformation <100 μm, at 60 ˚C