KK Cast

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3D Printing Resin for Casting

KK Cast is a revolutionary acrylic resin that is specially designed for producing 3D-printed castable parts with exceptional flexural strength, hardness, low shrinkage, and minimal residue after casting. This monomer-based resin offers a robust and reliable solution for manufacturing high-quality castable parts that meet the most demanding industrial requirements. With KK Cast, you can achieve outstanding results that exceed your expectations, thanks to its advanced formulation that combines durability, accuracy, and performance. Whether you are working on a small-scale project or a large-scale industrial application, KK Cast is the ideal material for your needs. Experience the power of 3D printing with KK Cast today!


PropertyRequirementKK CastISO standard
Flexural strength≧60 Mpa≧70 MpaISO 178
Flexural modulus≧1500 Mpa≧2100 MpaISO 178
Hardness shore D≧80 shore D83 shore DISO 7619-1


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KK cast-Instruction For Use
KK cast-MSDS