CC tray

Enlighten CC Tray

3D printing resin for custom tray 

Enlighten CC TRAY 3D printing resin for custom tray, is a biocompatible resin with high strength, high surface hardness and low shrinkage. It can be used for DLP, SLA and LCD 3D printers, such as Ackuretta, MiiCraft, Form 2 and Phrozen 3D printers. It can also work for 385 and 405nm light source. Currently, it has obtained the approval for TFDA class I medical devices.

PropertyOur results
Flexural strength95 MPa
Flexural modulus2397 MPa
Surface Hardness~78
Viscosity~740 cps

File download

CC tray brochure and spec v1.1 (English)

CC tray MSDS v1.1 (English)

Enlighten Materials brochure v105 large file (English)