AA temp

Enlighten AA temp 

3D printing resin for provisional restoration 

Enlighten AA TEMP Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance (K191590).

Introducing Enlighten AA TEMP, a biocompatible 3D printing resin specifically formulated for temporary restorations. With exceptional strength, outstanding surface hardness, and minimal shrinkage, it delivers the performance you need for successful printing.

Enlighten AA TEMP is compatible with a range of 3D printers, including DLP, SLA, and mono LCD printers. It's also suitable for use with both 385 and 405nm light sources, making it a flexible option for a variety of printing setups.

Whether you're printing temporary crowns, bridges, or other restorations, choose Enlighten AA TEMP for reliable, high-quality results every time. Its advanced formulation and biocompatibility make it a top choice for dental professionals seeking exceptional print quality and ease of use.

PropertyISO standardRequirementOur results
Flexural strengthISO10477≥50 MPa82.35 MPa
Water sorptionISO10477≤40 µg/mm3<25 µg/mm3
Water solubilityISO10477≤7.5 µg/mm3<1.5 µg/mm3
Surface HardnessISO187≥80 Shore D84.65
ViscosityN/AN/A~498 cps
Cytotoxicity testISO10993-5Non-cytotoxicComply
Irritation testISO10993-10Cause no irritationComply
Sensitization testISO10993-10Cause no sensitivityComply
Acute systemic toxicityISO10993-11Cause no acute systemic toxicityComply
Genotoxicity testISO10993-3Cause no genotoxicityComply

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